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When a wish comes true, it creates strength, hope and transformation in a child – and a community.

Wishes make the impossible, possible — helping children replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.

Make-A-Wish Pacific is helping children improve their emotional health more visibly and successfully than any other organization. 

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More than Medicine



When children are battling a critical illness, so much of normal childhood is taken away from them — it is exhausting, both emotionally and physically. A wish is something that gives children the opportunity to look outside their illness — it restores a sense of childhood back to the child and normalcy back to the family.


Research shows, and physicians agree, wishes can help improve a child’s quality of life and produce better health outcomes. Members of the Make-A-Wish Medical Advisory Committee share the life-changing impact wishes have — beyond just medicine — on their patients and their families.

Why Wishes Matter 
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