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How You Can Help

Wishes can change the odds for children fighting their illness.  Experience the power of imagination and the strength that comes from it. At Make-A-Wish, life-changing wishes start with you. 

Spark Joy. Create Hope.


You can help grant more wishes today.


Sponsor a Wish

Medical care and treatment in the Pacific region is very different in comparison to the developed countries. There are limited resources, and because of the vast geographical spread of the islands, many children spend months away from their families, in hospitals, in order to receive the treatment they need. 

Sponsoring a wish means giving a child and family a glimmer of hope and joy, and a short break from the other challenges they face. The wishes are often life-changing - a laptop to keep in touch with family during the long treatments; or a new wheelchair with the latest gear, to make keeping up with friends a little easier. 

Get in touch with the Make-A-Wish Pacific team to sponsor a wish or find out more.

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